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Discipleship Training Graduation 2018

The fourth Discipleship training was crowned on the 18th of June 2018 with a commissioning of 88 students at the African Village hotel Swimming pool gardens. Among these were two mothers from our Children Homes, Mama Elizabeth (House Grace) and Mama Vicky (House Faith).

In the beginning, some of the students attended the Discipleship Training simply because they wanted to secure their sponsorship; little did they know that God would begin a transformation in their hearts. Majority said their attitude and daily relationship with God changed positively, some learned to apply biblical lessons in their lives and were grateful for having attended such training.

As the students gave testimonies regarding the impact of the three months Discipleship training it was very evident that the opportunity for them to participate in the counselling during the annual Primary seven, Senior four and senior six conferences was a great privilege to be of service to other people. Some representatives from the 2016 and 2017 Discipleship classes, Ms. Brenda Namutebi, Mr. Samuel Mulondo and Mr. Alfred Tumushabe shared the impact of the Discipleship training in their lives; changed dress cord to a modest style, maintaining a decent haircut and leading of fellowship at the university as a result of the skills gained from the training. 2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” What a joy to see such transformation! We praise God who has made this possible!

The guest of honor, Rtd. Bishop Henry Luke Orombi pointed out that it was not a graduation ceremony rather one of commissioning the disciples to live for and represent Christ well. The students each received a new Life Application study bible and a certificate of attendance.

Ms. Ramona representing the Vision for Africa Intl. Administration charged the students to hold dear the biblical truths they have received because it is easy to be deceived by the world.

  • Ms. Atai Catherine struggled with anger and could not forgive her relatives because they mistreated them so much when she was still young but through discipleship she was able to open up and forgive them. Praise the Lord!

  • Mr. Mukuye Derrick could not stand before a congregation of people to speak but now he has gained confidence to talk and people listen to him.

  • Ms. Magara Elizabeth has improved on how to handle the young children and requested the ministry to continue with the training along with including staff because it is a good study.

Talented poets with commendable descriptive ability: Mr. Muwanguzi Mugagga Matthew & Mr. Bukenya Tonny representing all students to appreciate the staff.

The King's Glory Music school of Vision for Africa graced the ceremony with melodious voices. &

Student Representatives singing a farewell song composed by Daisy (right)

A cake was cut and a nice meal prepared by the Main Kitchen under the supervision of Mrs. Mutiibwa Jenifer along with Nkomejje Gideon from Africa village Hotel was shared to celebrate this great commissioning ceremony.

Inspiring speeches came from:

Mr. Joram Ocen Ms. Julian Kyakuwaire

Bishop Henry Luke Orombi Ms. Ramona Jurig

Recognition awards were given to six outstanding students and four to those that improved greatly during the entire training.

We praise God who made this possible and are indebted for the support of the different Vision for Africa Intl. departments and Mama Maria for the great support towards this cause of grooming young people through the Discipleship Training. May God bless you all and continue transforming the lives of our children to honor and glorify His name!

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