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  • Hans-Dieter Sturz, Leader Prayer Mountain

Dental Outreach in Tongolo

End of June we had a second dental outreach on the peninsula Tongolo with our Jehova Rapha Clinic II, together with the team of Hope Smiles. This time a team of 14 people from the USA helped, so that people could be treated on 7 dentist chairs at the same time.

More than 400 from the poorest of the poor could be treated with a small symbolic amount of 1.000 Uganda Shillings (about € 0,22). The other costs could be covered completely through donations. For the local people who are cut off any dental provision and who cannot afford transport to reach the next town it is an enormous blessing and gratefulness is with them.

Every 3 months we plan to repeat such a dental outreach. Meanwhile every 14 days a dentist will come to treat emergencies.

Whom God has put this mission on the heart, please feel free to contribute with a donation to the account of Vision for Africa with the note "PR 65 Prayer Mountain - Dental outreaches".

#Dentaloutreach #ClinicTongolo #HopeSmiles

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