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1st Graduation of the School of the Blind

The first graduation ceremony of the school of blind (founded in 2015) as well as their 3 year anniversary was celebrated last Sunday in the King's Glory Church in Kikondo! 13 blind students graduated successfully at the New Living Hope School for the Blind of the years 2015-2017 and 2016-2018. The passed courses are handicraft professions as well as daily life skills with which the blind graduants can start their own business and manage their lives themselves without any help. Braiding baskets and mats, knitting school uniforms, reading the braille alphabet are just a few of the many offered courses in the school of blind in the fishing village Kikondo.

Especially the blind founder of the original school for blind people, the mother of Moses our leader of the New Living Hope School for the Blind and Moses himself, as well as Mama Maria Prean were blessed beyond words and emotionally touched at the festivity of this special occasion.

Here is a diashow of the graduation:

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