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What had happened in Karamoja

What has happened and changed here in Karamoja since the beginning of our work there 1,5 years ago is what we want to show you in pictures. Isn't it moving to see how faithful God is? With all our hearts we give HIM the honor for everything and we kindly thank all dear donors, sponsors, prayer partners, visitors and other involved people. Without you NOTHING would be here to see.

The building progress continues!

There is still a lot more planned concerning our work in Karamoja. The next steps taken will be to build a small clinic with a dentist and a maternity ward as well as a primary school, so that the poor from around have medical access and that our small "graduants" of the 3-year Richard Prean Kindergarten can go to school right away.

BEFORE at the same place: Far and wide desert land

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