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  • Geoffrey Olupot and Florence Among

What is actually going on in the Vocational School on the Prayer Mountain?

+++ We followed up this question for you! +++

Here a quick overview and an update as well as some picture impressions:

We have a total of 51 students in Mt. Galilee Vocational School as indicated in the following departments and courses. In Tailoring 11 students, in Carpentry and Joinery 7 Students, in Hairdressing 13 students, in Fabrication and Metal works 5, in Landscaping 7 students and in Building Department 9 students.

They are performing quite well, with hands on practical skills in all the departments. we can see tangible results in all the courses including landscaping! Tailoring and Hairdressing are the most popular courses for the Girls whereas Carpentry and Joinery, Metal works, Building and brick laying for the Boys.

Most of the students come from the nearby villages of Tongolo, Buwampa and Kikondo and do not have any prior education which enables them to come to the Mt. Galilee Vocational school to learn a profession by only practical skills, without any theoretical education as a pricondition.

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