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Real Estate Manager of VfA

We now have a "Real Estate Manager" in the Land of Hope in Kiyunga, whose task it is to constantly check on all the buildings whether something needs to be repaired, restored, renewed or exchanged. With the big amount of buildings Vision for Africa has by now it is not an easy task to maintain them all, to recognize faults and more so to eventually work on them. Many already rundown buildings or those in need for renovation gave occasion to get a real estate manager being in charge for these issues.

The 25-years old almost finished architect Raphael Ssenyonga who once started his career in our Vocational school for building and continued with further studies until he became an architect, is now since a bit more than a week in charge for this job. As he has an eye for beautiful and well-built (and maintained) buildings (which he has proven before with self-planned and built buildings outside) we can rely that Vision for Africa "shines" from now on even more than before. :)

We are happy to welcome Raphael in our team!


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