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  • Moses Ssekajja, Head of the School for the blind

Gospel deliverance crusade Kikondo

Dear ones,

I bring you greetings from Kikondo and King's glory church.

This is a praise report about what the Lord has done in Kikondo in the past week from Monday to Sunday. We had our annual GOSPEL DELIVERANCE CRUSADE in Kikondo.

We started this outreach with a "door-door" evangelism (Monday - Tuesday), where we went to the community and witnessed Jesus person to person. The response was good and we were able to lead over 50 souls to Christ.

Wednesday, we started our Crusade right in the centre of Kikondo Trading centre. Still the response was good and we had a really great turn up compared to the previous year.

The Local authorities were supportive and we never had any problem with the community members.

Amazing thing in this crusade is that the moslems are the ones that helped in building the platform and also advertised the crusade on their local media platforms.

The Lord gave us a good weather and we saw many give their lives to Jesus and also get delivered from demonic forces,mostly moslem women and children.

At the end of the crusade, the community thanked the church for organizing such a wonderful event that helped many people. Over 100 souls gave their lives to Christ both young and old.

We give all the glory to the Lord Jesus.

Sunday service we saw the new brides of Jesus come for their first Sunday service. It was a great celebration for us all. After the service they shared the clothes that we had prepared for them as gifts.

Special thanks to you all that supported this Crusade, Mama Maria, Tedi, Primary school Kikondo and all members of King's glory Church.

May the Lord Bless you so much

Here below are the pictures from the Crusade

#Kikondo #Crusade

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