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"Mama Maria" turns 80 years!

On 21st of February this year we are celebrating the 80th-bithday of our Vision for Africa founder and director „Mama Maria“!

It will be a feast of life for the glory of God, who gave her each year as a gift, led her, walked with her and changed thousands of lives through her. To celebrate this special occasion in a worthy way, many old friends and companions of her life travel to Uganda from near and far.

If you want to give a birthday present to Maria, we have an idea for you which will make Maria happier than any other gift:

Become a sponsor for a ugandan child that cannot go to school because he/she is poor or orphaned. (The required information can be found on our website in the sponsor section)

A deep heart's desire of Mama Maria is also to build one-room apartments on the Prayer Mountain to help young girls who got pregnant too early and have no support of their family to give birth to their child peacefully, and at the same time they will have the chance to learn a profession in our Vocational school. One apartment will cost with everything (construction, water and furniture) around 5.000 Euro.

It also needs a reasonable water provision (we already have a deep borehole for water)

The water pipes and a water tower is still missing.

Every contribution is a great gift!

What many friends know already, in the high North of Uganda, in Karamoja where the poorest of the poor live, we have built a Kindergarten for 300 children, a headquarter and started a big community hall and a village for old, poor, blind and lame people.

We also urgently need a solid car

with which we can transport goods and at least five people to Karamoja back and forth.

The streets are still rough and it is more than 500 km which we have to drive for one way.

No doubt, Maria would be so happy to get contributions for that car!

And there is another secret, very personal heart's desire of Mama Maria: She is praying for a small swimming pool on the Prayer Mountain, in which she can do her daily water gymnastics, that she remains fit and active also for the next 20 years! :-)

If the Lord Jesus Christ fills your heart with peace and joy,

to participate on one of these birthday surprises,

then please be obedient and do it!

We are praying for plenty of blessings for each who helps us to „surprise“ „Mama Maria“ on this special day of honor!

We are already thanking you in advance for your love and appreciation of „Mama Maria and her efforts in Uganda.“

If you have further questions please contact the following email address:


If you want to write Maria L. Prean also personally for her birthday:


We greet you with gratefulness,

the whole Team of Vision for Africa

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