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Goodbye and Welcome

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our longterm, hard working, faithful, almost all-knowing ;) human ressource manager Teodora Naidenova (alias "Tedi") and our dear and very kind and reliable principal of the Vocartional school, Jesse James Akena and wish you all the best for your future and may God bless you on your new paths! It was a very good time with you and we are sad to let you go, we thank you for all your efforts and passion you put into the work at Vision for Africa and all the people! God will richly reward you for it.

However we can glady say "hello and welcome" to Tedi's follower Gerald Kooli! We are happy to welcome you to our team and hopeful for great years of working together! Be richly blessed and daily equipped by God with everything you will need to manage the challenges in the "daily life in Vision"! :-)

Your Vision for Africa Team

Goodbye to Tedi (img 1) and to Jesse (img 2), welcome in our team Gerald (img 3)!

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