• Maria Prean

Thank you very much!

Beloved brothers and sisters & friends of Vision for Africa!

With gratefulness and great joy I look back to the last 3 weeks and I am still so amazed how the Lord has blessed these days from Nakifuma, Kiyunga, the Prayer Mountain and Kikondo up to the high North in Karamoja. We travelled far more than a thousand kilometers to the different locations of VfA missions with around 30 friends and family from Europe and celebrated with thousands of wonderful African brothers and sisters the glory and goodness of God.

The weather was also great and there were no accidents, no other troubles (in spite of some very bad roads we had to pass)! Thanks to the Lord and all the guardian angels that protected and directed our drivers!

All staff members have put much efforts into planning the days of inaugurations and made it so artistically and lovely. Thank you so much to everyone who has worked passionately and tirelessly for it!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all my dear friends and family who travelled from Europe to specifically celebrate God‘s glory, faithfulness and mercy with us all.

I thank God that everyone arrived well and full of impressions back in Europe.

If someone had told me many years ago that life would become more beautiful with growing age, I would have probably doubted their reasoning.

But it is indeed true! I am glad about each day that I can live and for the many encounters that happen everyday. I am as fit as a fiddle and full of energy and visions the Lord gives me.

I can only thank and praise the Lord again and again.

Unfortunately I am not able to thank all dear friends personally for their lovely letters and reply to all emails. I‘m running out of time. This Wednesday I will fly to Europe for 2 months.

A very tight preaching schedule is awaiting me and additionally I have rarely access to internet in Europe, unless I am in Imst or with Sr. Beatrix in Riedenburg!

So please accept my apology that I cannot thank you personally. Your love, your prayers, your good wishes and also your financial birthday contributions and other gifts have given great joy to my heart and I have thanked the Lord quietly and loudly for your love and I‘ve blessed you with all my heart!

I trust that I will meet many of you on this missions tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy personally!

May the Lord meet all your needs according to His riches in glory.

In deepest gratefulness and joy I remain your

deeply touched and delighted




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