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Major changes in the VfA team in 2019

In the Vision for Africa team a lot has changed already in this young year 2019 and still more changes are ahead.

We said goodbye to Tedi (Teodora Naidenova) our long-term human ressource manager and welcomed Mr. Gerald Kooli at her place. Grace Mukwana's position in the leadership of the sponsorship office has been taken over by Diana Egessa. In the beauty school and salon Mr. Jonathan Mukuye has taken over from Thea Hüter. Lukas Vana has also found a worthy follower for his important position, Mr. Lyndon Kyeyune is now the new IT manager of the whole ministry in Uganda, at the moment they are both still working together until Lukas will leave us this very year. We also had so say goodbye to Mr. Jesse James Akena, the Principal of the Vocational schools. Patrick Bruni stays with us, however he will not be working as the director of the music school anymore but only voluntarily be the worship leader of the ministry. Raphael Ssenyonga is now the Real Estate Manager and Mr. Pius Ahebwa is now the deputy director for Maria Prean.

Sadly also Ms. Ramona Jurig, leader of the finance office and Mrs. Claudia Masiga, manager of the African Village Hotel will leave us this very year, but we trust that God sends us the right replacements at the right time.


Welcome (resp. new position):

All faithful souls who served us and mainly the many children and underdeveloped people in Uganda and leave us now, we thank you for your efforts, your passion, your creativity and stability that we could count on you, that you keep motivating and refreshing the ministry atmosphere, it has been a blessing and changed the ministry for the better. We wish you all the best for your continuous way, be richly blessed and protected by our faithful father in heaven who has prepared your way already long time ago. We are looking forward because we will see us all again latest in heaven! May the Lord be with you!

Our new staff members we thank you for your trust to come for some years to be with us and we trust that we will have a very blessed, fruitful, constructive time together here in Uganda. Welcome to the Vision family!

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