• Alleyn Zalwango, Principal College

Update on & Idea behind Sports Gala 2019

+++ Update on Sports Gala: Kiyunga teams won Nakifuma +++

The idea:

The idea of VFA International Sports Gala 2019 was inaugurated on the 20th May 2019 with the main objectives being:

  • To create Christian unity and brother hood among the staff,

  • Nurture and discover talent among us,

  • Improve on our health,

  • For fun and interaction.

The gala is organized by a team of energetic and enthusiastic personnel whose main goal and shared responsibility was to see to it that the gala’s objectives are attained.

The team:

  1. Zalwango Alleyn (Chairperson)

  2. Muketsi Martin Praus

  3. Aharimpisya Wilber

  4. Ssemata Jeff peter

  5. Akiyo Emmanuel

  6. Gabayo Onyx

  7. Wasswa Alfred

  8. Mukalazi steven

  9. Dr. Marion

There are five teams registered in this competition according to the localities. The teams also selected a brand name to identify them choosing from the big five wild life animals of Uganda.

  • Kiyunga: one team one mission

  • Moroto: Unfinished Business

  • Nakifuma: Respect all, Fear none

  • Kikondo: success is our choice

  • Tongolo & Prayer Mountain: uniqueness is our nature

In order to build the spirit of brotherhood, the committee was in agreement on the games to include in the Gala: soccer, volleyball, athletics, board games (chess and Ludo), swimming and obstruction races. For next year, we hope to have games like table tennis, badminton, netball, basketball, hand ball, dodge ball included for all gender.

The Games of Football, Netball and volleyball are ongoing with final playoffs were due on 24th September 2019.

The indoor games:

Ludo & Chess are scheduled for the month of September 2019 whereas; swimming, athletics and obstruction races are scheduled on the grand finale of the Gala in December 2019.

Special Thanks:

The committee extends its appreciation to:

VFA administration for financial support and timely provision of equipment

VFA members for appreciating the gala and giving their time towards the activities involved.



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