• Lyndon Kyeyune, IT administrator

Sport Centre for our children

We have a building above the swimming pool of the African Village Hotel, that is being designed for sports use. We are currently fitting it out with shelves.

We have approximately 45 Footballs and 6 sports (Full outfits) Jerseys for students to book out whenever they want.

We also still have a lot of Skating equipment in the Container house which we are putting in the sports Centre for students to hire out in their free time, all free of charge. Additionally we are getting some chess boards from the 94 sets at Nakifuma High School to add in there.

In the meantime we hope we will pick up even more equipment in the coming container shipment this November.

We would like to build Concrete table tennis tables and chess tables in the compound to expand the idea.

The idea is to provide extracurricular activities to the students where they can have fun, be active and to keep them engaged while at VFA and hopefully we can create a better future generation of young men and women!



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