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Thank you message from a student

It is beautiful to see and experience when gratefulness comes back from our beloved children and grown up children for Vision for Africa's and Mama Maria's personal love and dedication to them. As the new year unfolds with a lot of work, tasks, projects and challenges, we are reminded what a big impact our ministry and love gives and encouraged, as we (esp. Mama Maria) received this beautiful letter from a former student:

Dear Mum,

for sure I had no meaning for life but see how God puts his vision for Africans upon your life, I believe that even you did not know that you were coming to Africa to put in us confidence, give us hope, restore trust in many children.

Thank you so much mum, some of us are now addressed with respect by those ones who looked at us as worthless. I really didn't know that there was any person who could really love us and really transform us into responsible human beings. I remember many times when you would send me for something and I do the opposite, you did not slap me even a single day like those I thought were mine did, instead you would tell me to always listen, be confident and believe in myself. Sometimes I could call people mother and they answer 'I am not your mother and I will never be' and now see how God sends a heavenly mother to me.

Thank you for adding value to many who were like me. Mum, may 2020 be a very, very good year to you, may he make you smile every day as you receive good messages allover Africa,

love you forever.


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