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The Vision Choir is busy exercising...

6:00 am Tuesday to Friday, outside Sports program is on the schedule with running, jumping, stretching and various sports exercises. A tough one to start the day with! But the Vision Choir children must be well trained to be fit enough for a 3-months tour with everyday concerts sometimes even more than one a day. Fitness also keeps them healthy and active! We are glad they also have lots of fun doing it... After sports they start their daily program consisting of sing training, dance training and activities together. They started sleeping altogether in shared rooms, boys together and girls together, eating together and doing everything together as a group – as the group feeling is very important to be familiar with, when having a 3-months 24h fellowship with one another. Like a real family :) We are proud of our kids, we can see them maturing up already during the training!

Please keep our children, elders and the choir leader in your prayers, it is not an easy task that each one has and they are training hard to make it beautiful for you, but it it all needs God's favor and blessing. Thank you!


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