• Maria Prean, Patrick Bruni

Vision Choir Tour 2020 cancelled due to Corona Virus outbreak in Europe

Dear friends, "fans" and supporters,

as the arrival of the choir is drawing closer, the bad news about Corona Virus Covid-19 are getting more intense in Europe day by day. Whole areas are being locked up, hotels quarantined, functions, concerts and meetings cancelled and forbidden, even football games will take place without spectators. Additionally we are in danger that the children/ the choir get infected. We could even become responsible of further spreading the virus.

What can we do now?

Well, the Government of Germany recommends to cancel events. In other countries events have already been banned. Hence, it would be irresponsible to bring the Choir to Europe and expose them to the risk as well as occasioning costs when the concerts might be called off eventually.

Therefor we heavy-heartedly decided to cancel the tour 2020 of the children's choir of Vision for Africa. How will it continue?

We are thinking if the tour could be planned for September or if we should start it again in one or two years. It would be great if you could give us your opinion to that. Please contact us.

We ask for your understanding and prayer. Our kind regards and many blessings,

Maria Prean, Patrick Bruni, Josef und Isolde Bitterwolf


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