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Uganda - Public life restricted: Schools closed for one month

As first country worldwide president Kaguta Museveni yesterday restricted Uganda's public life for 32 days in a video message, without having the first case of Corona Virus in the country. Preventatively it shall me made sure that the virus which has reached all other East African countries, cannot spread within Uganda. Therefor the president called all schools off from Friday midday for one full month, all children must stay at home. Also all religious gatherings such as churches, mosques, cell groups, worship nights and others should stop for 32 days. Even the big markets and supermarkets got restrictions, as well as the public transport which has to be reduced to the least necessary. At all still running markets flowing water and liquid soap has to be available. On weddings and burials there can be no more than 10 people present for the month.

Foto: http://www.kfm.co.ug/news/museveni-to-address-the-nation-on-covid-19.html

We respect the orders of the authorities and keep all restrictions, besides we are proud of how well Uganda takes on the example of other countries and handles the threatening virus situation and acts accordingly to prevent the worst!

We pray that our children and staff members from near and far, as well as our dear friends and supporters worldwide stay healthy and are allowed to spread out God's light and love in this dark times! God uses us all and we are 100% convinced that our heavenly father allowed the virus so that the world (especially the hardened western world) gets shaken up, searches for God and repents! HE is the victor over fear, sickness, death and the enemy satan. Let us not live in fear but pray for a worldwide repentance in this time!! Halleluja!


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