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Our children in times of the Covid pandemic

“When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade!” From 32 days, 12days were added, then 21day and now five months down the road and the lock down is still on!

The students are missing school but majority have been engaged in different farming, and soft skills projects. We are indebted to the sponsors who have continued to provide funds for their godchildren. These funds we have been using to provide food to families of our sponsored children that were struggling with food as well as providing medical treatment for some of our sponsored children. There was an overwhelming need for food in Moroto but God graciously helped us meet this great need for food. Since March we have been in position to distribute food five times now to about 500 families. For some of our sponsored children, we have delivered food to their homes while for others we sent them money via Mobile money to cater for food and medication.

Through our follow-up checks on the sponsored children we realized that many have been very supportive to their families by helping out in the gardens, starting up simple income generating projects that the family can run.

The lemons of this season are:

  1. Schools being closed

  2. Some parents/guardians losing their jobs

  3. Sickness

And the lemonade:

  1. Family quality time

  2. Our children have learned different productive skills

  3. Every sponsored child that we got to know was sick has promptly received medication

To God be the glory for His amazing plans and blessings! Given the news we receive about the numbers of people dying as a result of COVID 19, the children were worried about the wellbeing of their sponsors; they are continually praying for their dear sponsors asking God to keep them safe, in good health and that they never lose their jobs because their education basically depends on it.

The commitment of the sponsors gives us hope that all the 5,846 children will be able to continue with their education when schools are reopened. We also trust that the 187 (40 of these lost their sponsors) children still waiting for a sponsor will also be able to benefit from an education. We now wait for government to declare when schools will finally be reopened.

We praise and thanks God for the faithfulness of our dear sponsors and the Vision for Africa Intl staff that tireless work to ensure that the children God has entrusted in our care are well taken care of! May God keep sustaining the work of this ministry that has given hope to thousands of African children!

A big thank you to our dear sponsors for working hard to provide for the underprivileged children!


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