• Vision for Africa Intl.

Christmas gifts for the people in Karamoja

It feels a lot like Christmas... Apparently right now also in our ministry in Karamoja! Mama Maria and a small team of Vision for Africa are in Karamoja since yesterday, Wednesday, to bless the people with christmas gifts and pass the love of Jesus on in this way. They are receiving clothes, children clothes, soap, flour, rice, chicken and other useful and eatable gifts.

„The people are so precious, and joyful at receiving these gifts. They have so little, and yet smile so much. This is a challenge to all of us. Truly the love of Christ was made known to them again today in a very practical and tangible way. Their hearts were open. A big thank you to Maria and the VFA team who made all this happen. A bigger thank you to Jesus who is the ultimate source of all these blessing.“

This beautiful report is from Pastor Isaac Wootton, who is part of the gift distribution team in Karamoja.