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Football pitch official opening with grand opening match

After many months of not-using our football field in Kiyunga opposite the Café building, because of renovation process, we finally witnessed the opening of the pitch, on Friday the 24th of June! It happened in form of a grand opening match between the two VfA teams Nakifuma and Kiyunga with the end result of 2:0. Many spectators were present and following the sportive spectacle.

The new football pitch with a build-aside tribune for the spectators is also meant to host most Ugandan football games in the future. We are excited for what is to come, and the positive effect and advertising it will bring for Vision for Africa.

We are also so thankful for the wonderful new levelled ground, new planted grass, the professional high-raised net-fence, the tribune and all around that really improved our pitch and put it on a different level. A great thank you to all the workers involved, and the donors who helped to make this possible!

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