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Insight into our present stage and new plans

Dear brothers and sisters,

I felt I need to inform you about where we are in the ministry and what are the new plans.


The clinic on the Prayer Mountain is moving with great speed and should be finished by the end of May or June.

It is necessary to build a house for the coming hospital staff and that will be started in a few weeks. The land is already available.


The Primary School in Karamoja is also moving well and should be finished before the middle of the year.

We are also buying more land in Karamoja adjoining our present land so that we can build the first dam and water reservoir to keep the rainwater in the area. This will be the “model” for the other villages in Karamoja. The government is well aware of that and welcomes the idea very much and wants to sensitize the communities to these new plans.

Dear friends from Germany and Switzerland have committed themselves to pay the costs for this new development. We praise God from the bottom of our hearts, that brings us such friends that give such generous support to this ministry.

We will extend our ministry up there by starting with serious agriculture, so that we can feed all our ministry people there right where they are.

We also need to build more staff quarters in Karamoja for the staff of this new primary school and soon also a huge dormitory for 700 children.

Also to build a nice and well equipped hospital is on the agenda.


In Nakifuma we are soon finishing the new dormitory block for 1600 young ladies.

We are also building new staff quarters for the kitchen staff.

The next addition will be another school block , even one level higher than the present one, with a built in clinic station.


It is in the planning, that we build another guest house for larger families at the remaining land along the wall on the football field.

We are so thankful that Mr. Jeremiah is back on staff in the building department of Vision for Africa!

These days we are leveling the football field properly which has been our heart’s desire for a long time. So for the next 4 to 6 weeks we will not be able to use the football field for games and the planting of grass and the growing of grass will take longer, but it will be more beautiful than before and worth it!

Much love and blessing to each one of you and also all the saints around you.

Mama Maria with family and team


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