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Lockdown with tighter restrictions

As the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni announced on Saturday, June 19th 2021 the Covid-19-restrictions were tightened. The public transport was completely banned, private cars as well and the curfew time changed from 9 pm to 7 pm. See the whole list below:

Summary of new Covid-19 curbs:

  • Ban on public and private transport restored: Only cargo vehicles can move with a maximum of two people.

  • Entebbe Airport will remain open.

  • Markets remain open but vendors urged to camp in markets for 42 days.

  • Bodabodas barred from carrying passengers save for sick people with letters from local council authorities. Boda Bodas can only move up to 5pm.

  • Essential sectors that may continue working: Security companies, Medical workers, vet doctors, Utility service providers like mass media, water, electricity etc

  • Broad sectors to remain open: Agriculture, Industries, Tourism, Cargo transport, health and medical services.

  • Retail shops remain operational until 7pm.

  • 7pm-5am curfew introduced.

  • Leisure hubs like bars, betting centres, casinos, beaches, gyms closed.

  • Burials restricted to a maximum of 20 people.

  • Sporting and gaming activities suspended for 42 days.  

  • Restaurants/hotels remain open.

  • Political and public gatherings still prohibited.

  • Factories and construction sites stay open with an option for camping.

  •  Re-opening of learning institutions deferred until after 42 days.

  • Prayer & worship hubs remain closed for 42 days.

  • Shopping malls and shopping centres like Kikuubo closed for 42 days.

  • Mandatory wearing of masks in public space.

  • Keep a social distance of at least 2metres.

 All measures stay in place for 42 days.

All disciplines that remain open must observe government mandated-SOPs.

Office of the Prime Minister to map out special interest groups in need of relief.

All measures last 42 days until the situation is reviewed.