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Maria's New Year's message

Beloved of the Lord!

Please take the following at heart for this year:

Rejoice always, stay constant in prayer and be thankful for everything.

Stay close to Jesus. Because HE ALONE is our hope of glory. Be ready for what God wants to do with you this year. Of course we need a lot of wisdom, because many changes will come; it is not yet over with the whole virus story and we need to listen carefully to God's whispering. The Lord wants to get us out of our comfort zones, we should get out of the boat and step onto the water, walk on water and keep our eyes only on JESUS. To exactly the extend of how intense we keep our eyes on Jesus and not on our problems, we will experience the glory of God.

I greet you dearly from our wonderfully hot Uganda and may our Lord bless you and keep you closer to HIMself this year,

Shalom, Shalom

Maria with family and team