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New 42-day Lockdown in Uganda

The Ugandan government announced on Sunday, 6th of June 2021 a new lockdown for 42 days, starting on the following day. This forces our pupils and students to again stay in their homes and do homeschooling. This lockdown also means for us and our visitors, that we cannot move freely anymore between our VfA branches Mukono and Prayer Mountain or Karamoja due to the new district-crossing rule. The airport remains open.

The whole list of new rules is the following:

1. Schools closed for 42 days effective from 7th 2. Churches, mosques and open air worship closed for 42 days 3. All teachers to get vaccinated before returning to school 4. Public, cultural gatherings and conferences suspended for 42 days 5. Travel from category A countries remain suspended except for returning Ugandans 6. Agriculture activities like cultivating and ploughing gardens and fishing to continue 7. Non agricultural activities like factory, construction, shopping malls and super markets to continue while observing SOPs 8. Factories, hotels, Markets, to operate under strict observance of SOPs 9. Marriage ceremonies and other social gatherings allowed with a maximum of 20 people under strict observance of SOPs 10. House parties are strictly banned 11. No. Of persons at burials and vigils should not exceed 20 people 12. Weekly non food markets suspended for 42 days 13. Cattle markets suspended for 42 days 14. All public transport between and across districts are suspended for 42 days from 10th of June 2021 15. All inter district travel banned except between Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono for 42 days. Only cargo trucks excepted. Registered travel vehicles and service vehicles excepted. 16. Public transport allowed within districts 17. Cargo trucks are allowed only 2 people 18. 30% staffing at any one point in offices

Image: The whole of Uganda in lockdown. ;-)