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Opening of all schools (Lockdown officially ended)

Ugandan Universities and schools (primary, secondary, vocational) and nursery schools/ kindergartens have all opened again this month! This is a good reason to rejoice and be grateful. The curfew time which has been working for almost two years, has also been removed since 24th, open from today.

All our children are back in their lessons and eventually we have them back safe and sound in our headquarters and school compounds, from Kiyunga (Mukono), Nakifuma, Kikondo, Mt. Galilee, Prayer Mountain up to Karamoja!

We thank our Lord Jesus and pray that the children have not forgotten much in the time with closed schools and that they can settle back in easily.

Thanks to all the sponsors and donors who kept supporting us in this extraordinarily challenging time. God will reward you mightily. The children are extremely happy that they are allowed to be in class again.