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Update on new buildings in VfA

There is always a lot happening and going on on the various grounds of VfA, and with the load of many happenings and many people (staff, students, children, patients, ...) comes the need for expansion. More and more buildings are needed in order to cover the different needs.

Here is an update which existing buildings are new and those still in the building process:


In our headquarters in Mukono, Kiyunga we can report about a new hotel building with small apartments for families. It is located along the football field (that was also renewed) next to the other two guest houses. The building is in the building process but soon in the finishing state.

In Kiyunga, there is also going to be a new classroom block for the vocational school with 3 levels and 5 classrooms on each floor, a library and a computer lab. Each classroom will have seats for 32 trainees. The site for the building is currently being cleared, then the building process will continue.


At our High School in Nakifuma a big dining hall was established, where all the 4000 people, students and staff members will find space to dine from, three times a day in two shifts. The building is finished with minor touches around the building remaining.

Also in Nakifuma we are building a new classroom block as addition to the existing one, it is in the building process.


The Primary School building up north in Karamoja is finished, just the inside needs to be furnished and it still needs office interiors.


On the Prayer Mountain near Jinja, a beautiful big Community Hall was built (with lake view!) funded by Maria Prean personally with the money of one of her two houses in Austria that she sold.

On the Prayer Mountain, at the Vocational School Tongolo two big dormitory blocks for the students are under construction, one for boys and one for girls.

Also at the Prayer Mountain a building for staff accommodation for the clinic is under construction.

And last but not least a Chapel which is under construction will crown the Prayer Mountain as well.

A shoutout and big thanks to everyone who has been contributing to any of this!!!