• Vision for Africa Intl.

Update to current building projects and other projects

Everything stands and falls with God's blessings! This is what we experience here in VfA everyday.

How much has happened and moved this year amazes us. And it surely amazes you too! That is why we feel you deserve an update on what has happened in our 5 headquarters, buildings and other projects, and what is just about to happen.

1. Nakifuma Secondary School

  • Girls Dormitory finished

  • Dining Hall finished

  • Second big classroom building in process

  • Asphalted street through the compound in process

2. Prayer Mountain
  • Big hospital in process

  • Hospital staff quarters in process

  • Community Hall finished

  • Dormitory of the Vocational School finished

3. Kiyunga/ Kalagi

  • Guest house No. 4 (for families) in Kiyunga along the football field finished

  • Talent Academy levelling/ fencing/ building process at the beginning (Kalagi)

4. Karamoja

  • Primary School building finished

5. Progress at work with former prostitutes

who get training in various handcrafting professions (with a collaborating organisation "Zoe Mentorship Organistion" from a close friend called Dorcas Assasiira) and whose children will be taken in in our sponsored program for schooling.

6. The Vision Choir could not go on Europe tour in 2020 as before, so this time we had an online live concert from Uganda for the very first time! You can watch it here and be blessed: https://youtu.be/nQP6owpGZm4