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What happens with donations and child-support-funds during this time of Covid?

Let's start with the good news: On the 10th of January the schools are re-opening!

We want to thank all the dear sponsors and donors wholeheartedly, who kept supporting and helping us! During the COVID-time (where schools were all closed) the money we got from donors and sponsors was used to help in emergency situations, for renovations, new buildings and as support of our sponsored pupils and students in their homes.

With the schools opening on January 10th, our ministry will also be much filled with life again! We are happy to get our "little sheep" back together in our schools (also our quite empty headquarters will be again filled with children's laughter and noise :-)) and the schooling- and sponsorship programme can continue as usual.

Again a big and loud THANK YOU to all who kept supporting us and remained faithful in giving and helping even in this challenging time! We can only say with a humbled and grateful heart: May God reward you abundantly!!!