Vocational school:





The Ugandan Ceramics School and Workshop started in 2006.

At the moment there are 7 students in the Ceramics Program. For supporting the students there are 5 workers who work as supporting staff in the Pottery Vocational school. In November the students will do a final exam and then participate in an industrial training program.


Since there is nothing comparable to the quality of our ceramics even in the surrounding countries, the students will do their industrial training here completing orders that we receive from local shops.

Our school process is "learning by doing": All students learn in detail how to prepare clay, they learn manual building of pots using a coiling method. They all learn to become proficient on the potter's wheel. We have 2 manual and 2 electric potter's wheels. We have 2 electric kilns and 2 wood fired kilns.

The students learn modern techniques but our goal is classical as well as modern African forms and design.

During the course our students participate in exhibitions such as the East African Biennial and an large exhibition in Kigali, Rwanda as well as a Ceramic Symposium in Kapfenberg and Altaussee in Austria.


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