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Many parts of Europe, US and many other rich parts of the world have been so blessed, and with this blessing we also have the responsibility of passing on the blessing, sharing with others and being a blessing to those who have less than we have.




















At the moment we support about 5,500 children in 180 schools in Uganda and even some in Kenya, enabling them to have school education, and where possible, subsequent vocational training. Many of them are so poor that we decided to place them in boarding schools, where they receive food, medical care and a bed to sleep in.

To encourage the children’s development better, we have started to build our own schools, vocational centres, children’s homes and a nursery school. (See: Fields of work) In this way we can ensure that the children have food to eat each day, that their basic needs are met and – if they are in boarding school - that they also have a place to live and sleep. At the same time we can communicate the love of God to them.

The monthly sponsorship contribution thus guarantees both school education and an improvement in the social milieu, and in this way we support the child’s personal, spiritual and vocational development.

We are grateful for sponsors who are prepared to take on either a full sponsorship or a partial sponsorship where two sponsors share the costs for a child’s school education or training.

You can of course support Vision for Africa Intl. without taking up a sponsorship. We also rely on donations for our many building projects and for the prison ministry.

If you would like to support us with a regular donation, please fill in the lower section of the sponsorship form!









What are our current donation references? Here you will find an information and an overview list of projects we currently or always need donations for.