Are you interested

in volunteering?



Are you interested in coming to Uganda and working with Vision for Africa Intl.?

Then you are on the spot right here!


We are continuously dependant on new workers and the help of volunteers, to keep everything running day by day. Also in the clinic we are very delighted and thankful about shorter or longer working stays of people in the medical sector.


For younger people from 18 years on it is a great opportunity to come as a Volunteer, as you will be helping in various fields of work from 6–12 months. As for example with the orphaned children, where many young people loving God, loving children and loving Africa can invest themselves to invest in the future of Ugandan children. 





Use your talents to serve here with us for 6–12 months! 



If you are between 18 and 99 years old and Jesus Christ does not only play a role in your life but is your managing director, then you are the right one for this job here.



Without any special knowledge you can start your voluntary work which lasts between 6 until 12 months. The job as volunteer is made for you if you finished school and you want to serve God in a very special way and use your time for a meaningful purpose, or if you already have work experience or you are in your studies and you want to get insight into a completely new field, then you are most welcome to do so. You should be ready for the things that God has prepared for you and which you will be doing here with us.





















If you already have a job or experience in a particular working field and you want to support Vision for Africa, then you can also come as a senior-volunteer. It can be from 6 until 12 months. Your working field will be according to your knowledge and it will depend on the needs and demands we have here in Vision for Africa.


















  • Children homes (Orphanages)

  • Daycare

  • Kindergarten/ Nursery school

  • Primary school, e.g. with needlework and handicraft lessons as well as biblical religious education

  • Vocational school, e.g. by teaching German

  • Clothing store

  • In various handiwork and craft fields

  • Clinic

  • Main kitchen

  • Animal Farm


But even if you are an expert in another field of the required works in Vision for Africa you are most welcome and we are looking forward to receiving your request (find more infos about our work here, or read our Newsletters ).




















  • Mukono/Kiyunga, in our Land of Hope

  • Kikondo in our Emmanuel Centre

  • Jinja on the Prayer Mountain/ Mt. Galilee

  • Karamoja

  • Nakifuma (High School)



  • You are a real believer in Jesus Christ and you have a strong relationship with Him.

  • You are healthy and you feel strong enough to face special challenges in a tropical (3rd world) country.

  • You are ready to give some time of your life to serve other people.

  • You are able to pay for your stay here.

  • You are flexible and ready for new things, experiences and challenges.

  • You can imagine and you are willing to leave all the European hectic and luxury behind.

  • You are able to communicate in English.

  • A month of working in the "House of Life" in Imst/Tyrol/Austria, which shows us if you are ready for Uganda.

  • You stick to the rules of the contract you are signing.



  • Accomodation in our facilities close to your place of work

  • Food is being provided with 3 meals a day, 6 days a week (on Sundays you can cook for yourself)

  • Organisation of your stay

  • Contact persons (24h/7 days)

  • Transfer to and from the airport

  • Application service for your work permit

  • Leisure time and holidays on regular basis

  • Daily devotions and prayer meetings

  • Support of planing journeys to African neighbouring countries

  • Evaluation talks/ Goodbye talks

  • Making out of documents (e.g. child benefit authority, places of study, apprenticeship)

  • Certificate of your time of volunteering



  • 100 € per month for board and accomodation in Imst

  • 200 € per month for board and accomodation in Uganda

  • 40 € for the transport from the airport Entebbe to Kiyunga and back

  • 50 $ for the first 3-months visa

  • Costs for the work permit (currently between 125 USD for 6 months and 250 US Dollars for 12 months) according to the required permits

  • Costs for arrival and departure to and from Imst/Tyrol/Austria

  • Costs for vaccinations (more infos here)

  • Costs for insurances – according to your individual requirements

  • Flight to Uganda and return flight

  • Transfer costs in your home country

  • Pocket money





















  • Life as a volunteer is not an exotic long-term holiday;
    - are you prepared to invest your time and abilities?


  • Demands will be made on you every day in your work here;
    - are you a stable person who can work indepandantly?


  • You will receive no salary;
    -how will you finance this time?


  • We are not a Bible school or discipleship training school (even though we all go through the Holy Spirit’s university together);
    -are you living in stable relationship with God?


  • We live in community almost 24 hours a day. You will live at your place of work;
    -are you capable of living in community and able to make compromises for this purpose?

  • This is Africa. Many things are different, both in the culture and in the way people work and relate to each other;
    -can you adapt to new situations and circumstances?

You may not have an answer to every question immediately. Pray about it and talk with your spiritual leader. Ask God, and let HIM show you the way. Have a look at the other volunteer sites (see menu on the left) where you will find a lot of information about the work, what we do and how we live. Read the reports and testimonies of former volunteers to see how they got on, what they experienced and what moved them. If you come to us in Uganda, you will probably first spend 4 weeks in Imst/Austria, doing practical work with our "Life in Jesus Christ" project. Here you will get to know yourself better in some respects and will have your first taste of voluntary work…

Of course you can also contact us with any questions concerning volunteering.


Gerd and Regina Rumpf (Volunteers-Leaders) and the Uganda-Team



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Also the ministry "Viata in Isus Hristos" in Romania, which we are related to is constantly looking for volunteers! Check their Website and contact them!